Thursday, 8 December 2016

Interview with Wanda Malfara...creativev photography for all ages!


Interview with Wanda Malfara, Photographer

Have you ever considered getting a nice professional glamour photography session after the age of 50? Or how about with a fantasy theme...if you have you will enjoy meeting Wanda Malfara, the granter of all photography wishes from age range of very young to very old. She is a delight to listen to. Enjoy! 

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Eat, Pray, Love Canadian Style...Interview with Sue-Anne Hickey, Naturopath

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I absolutely love interviewing inspiring and interesting people over 50 years old...because they are clearly proof that our dreams, hopes, desires and self-worth are not all downhill as sometimes suggested midlife. Just look at Sue-Anne Hickey's vibrant photos. If you listen to the interview you will hear this wholesome, authentic woman speak from the heart. I will never tire of interviewing and asking these 10 Big Questions, because all the answers are different from person to peron. Enjoy!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

From the ashes of tragedy, she dusted herself off and built Designing Transformation and an Awakening Village...the fabulous Lianne Bridges

Certain experiences can be painful. Losing your spouse, your best friend and love is a pain that doesn't go away, and Lianne Bridges experienced this pain. She said she could have sunk with the weight of the grief, but instead she chose to channel it into her own company called Designing Transformation. Aspirations 50+ interviewed Lianne with 10 Big Questions, and we can clearly see that her husband's memory is guiding her to reach new heights helping others. She is inspiring and her courage in the face of a very tragic few years I will not forget.


Monday, 7 November 2016

Aspirations 50+ Launched!

It is official! I have launched my side-line consultancy business called “Aspirations 50+”. I fired up my creativity, logged into Vista Print and created business cards. It was quite fun using the site; this process has certainly come a long way since the days I ordered cards by a salesperson visiting me with large binders.  My Facebook community page is open, and I host my first on-line Zoom meeting on Wednesday, November 9th from 7-8 pm EST discussing an article titled "Creativity and the Aging Brain" by Shelley H. Carson, Ph.D.  in Psychology Today.  I have opened a Patreon  account, a site enabling people to support my work and help me launch, which can be anywhere from $1 a month.  I am feeling very satisfied and grateful that I’ve taken the leap, with a gentle push from my business coach Sarena Miller. She is an amazing talent, and I am a member of her Academy for Business Betterment

After Sarena listened to my ideas, hopes and dreams of launching, she pointed out that I will never feel ready enough, but to not let this stop me. If you are like me, a person who recognizes herself in the article entitled The Confidence Gap by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, I have difficulty feeling ready enough to launch my own projects, however, I felt this one was too important and needed to get hung up on perfectionism and self-doubt. Even if after 10 years of helping my aging parents deal with declining health including dementia, my experience in a home health care facility office, my 15 years working in the medical device industry, my university studies in Psychology, my volunteer work in palliative care, my recent gerontology studies, and how I walk around with all this collected knowledge on aging and wanting to share it, I having that nagging little voice in my head saying  "How about the Ph.D?" 
Regardless of my worthiness doubts, I’ve launched, and happy for it. I have already received a lot of support and enthusiasm from different people.  If you would like to join my Aspirations 50+ Facebook page, I would be thrilled.  Once you join you will see invites to weekly webinars and posts that support my intention to create communities that support age-friendly environments. I believe that creativity is not only possible in the aging brain, but able if we are willing. I want to turn our attention away from being discouraged about each birthday and believing the myths, and move towards a more positive changed mindset based on encouraging scientific findings. Through a combination of community awareness, events and online webinars we have a path to start of a movement to prepare ourselves for the aging population of baby boomers that will overwhelm society if we are not ready for the "senior tsunami" . I want to make it possible for everyone to hear the message of hope whilst aging and receive encouragement.  So to quote back to my high school cheering days: “Hands on my hips, a smile on my lips, spirit in my heart, I’m ready to start!”

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Beauty in Nature and All of Us

Fall: red, yellow, orange, smells of earth mixed with leaves, turkey, memories of making costumes for my daughter, bagging goodies for kids, first days of school, literary festivals.

Winter: clean, crisp, cold but beautiful, holidays, baking, fireside chats, fresh air in my lungs, brightest sunshine reflected off pure white snow, snuggling in my warm bed.

Different times of the year for those of us blessed with four seasons are magical. Beauty in nature. We too are given seasons in our lives. They too can be beautiful. Do you believe that? Or have you been increasingly dreading each birthday after you turned 50? Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you a service or product or my advice. I just ask you to read the rest of this blog with an open mind.

My hometown Hudson, Quebec, Canada
I am interested in making the Fall and Winter of our lives as beautiful and welcomed as our wonderful seasons. I am motivated to help myself and others remove barriers that are keeping us tied to negative stereotypes either self inflicted or given to us by others. It is not an easy task. We are constantly bombarded with images that cement the idea in our heads that growing older,  and looking older are undesirable. Discouraging? Of course because these are predictable outcomes over time. We are ageing every day, and instead vying for longevity, we are scared to death of what we may look like or be doing the older we get. However, if we we shine a bright light on the positive aspects of ageing, we may convince ourselves and others of the truth;  that life is still well worth living daily regardless of the season.

Our 15 year old pal Lewis
I hope you will follow my blog, be encouraged, encourage others to believe being older doesn't need to involve silent suffering. It can mean freedom, growth and renewed interests, new friendships and giving back to a world that has given us so much.

This blog is about celebrating life, not about having all the answers. I am not a professional writer. That's not why I have a blog. I want to get a message of hope to overcome or at least lessen the anxiety about the ageing process. There are so many interesting people who exemplify positive attitudes about ageing resulting in amazing outcomes.  I want to shine a light on them.

I want to reach out to people and lessen what I and others have identified as the silent killer of joy: isolation. Isolation at any time of your life can make you sad and longing for company. As we age, we also lose people we love,  sometimes because they die or move away. Suddenly, we may find ourselves alone. I hope this is a place where friendships may form or be encouraged. I am excited at 53 for the next 50 years and I don't want to waste one more day pondering what could have been, or what I should have done but rather what I will do next and the new adventures ahead. Want to join me?

Me on the left and my sister enjoying a beautiful winter day